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Millennium Quay Services

For: Estate Management, Contractor Enquiries, Cleaning, Gardening, Sweeping, Window Cleaning, Fault Reports, Keys and Fobs, Parking, Bins/Rubbish, Crime Reports

Phone: 08448 040966


Address: MQ Lodge, Millennium Quay, Glaisher Street, London, SE8 3EP


From 17 December 2018 a new parking enforcement scheme will be introduced to deal with the substantial increase in parking from non-residents. Letters will be sent to all properties and owners explaining the rules.

Existing residents' permits continue to be valid and must be displayed. If you do not have one use the link below or contact the Lodge to obtain one.

ALL visitors to houses, flats or shops must clearly display a new type of visitor's permit hanger. Please visit the Lodge after 3 December 2018 to collect two permits so you have them for when visitors arrive as permits cannot be issued out of normal working hours.

ANY vehicle not displaying a valid permit after 17 December 2018 will be issued with a parking charge notice so please read the full rules carefully at the link below.

Millennium Quay Parking Rules: click here

Request parking permit: click here

Request visitors permit: click here


There is now a Streetcar located at MQ on the corner between Greenfell and Corbidge.

More Information: click here

Register at:

Rendall & Rittner

For: Legal Enquiries, Accounts, Service Charges, Ground Rent

Phone: 020 7702 0701


Address: Rendall & Rittner, Portsoken House, 155-157 Minories, London, EC3N 1LJ

Neighbourhood Watch

To achieve our MQ Neighbourhood Watch objective of making "MQ a crime-free environment where everyone looks out for everyone else" we need more of the people who live here to play their part in making life difficult for criminals.

We would also like more residents to join our successful and active Neighbourhood Watch scheme. It is not enough for the police alone to fight crime. Reducing the risk and fear of crime is a joint task for our police and the MQ community working together.

Keep up to date with what's going on at MQ and be advised of anything to look out for. Contact us now.


Police Contacts

Always, if you see a crime taking place call 999

To report anything suspicious call the local police on 0300 123 1212

West Greenwich Safer Neighbourhood Team (WGSNT)

Patrol: 020 8649 356

The WGSNT is not an emergency service and frequently you will be asked to leave a message. Any incident however small should be reported to the WGSNT as it helps them build up a priority profile for their patrols. Messages can also be emailed to

MQ has a good relationship with the Police and we do get a reasonable share of attention from the car patrols and from the WGSNT.

Furniture, large electrical items & garden waste removal

If you need to dispose of any of these please DO NOT put them in the bin stores. The Refuse collectors will leave them and the Estate will have to pay for removal with the cost being passed on to all residents. Please phone the council on 020 8921 4661 to arrange a collection.

Registered Offices

Millennium Quay Services

Samples Farm
Ashfield Green

Company number 05430157


Millennium Quay Residents Association

c/o Rendall And Rittner Limited
Portsoken House
155-157 Minories

Company number 03752961